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We are n dynamic team with a focus on energy problems in south Africa. We are committed to supply the best service and quality to our clients. We are 10 years in business and have 8 technical branches in south-african and Namibia. Our head office is in pretoria and engineering factory in cape town and Johannesburg Our dynamic business team consist of a high level of experts. Our main focus is households, farming and industries. We have a solution for any application from power factor correction to solar applications and home automations.

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T- Thanks to the intelligent hybrid inverter DC/AC R- Reliable high performance battery bank U- Upgrading made easy with additional batteries S- Smart energy management and monitoring world wide T- Thanks to direct current injection from PV system into the house network

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power - Of course there is a lot of reasons why we all should convert to using solar power instead of fossil fuels, but can you actually articulate them? If not, you get the seven main reasons why you should switch to solar power right away, right here!

What is the Solution?

It is imperative that the system is able to capture, transfer and store the energy with the purpose of providing sufficient power. Because of many benefits that solar energy can provide, Governments should be encouraging any new approach to develop a cost effective system. Some of the benefits that solar energy offers include:


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